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Strengthening social justice through modern school equipment

In Milan, Italy, children from socially disadvantaged families at three schools have the opportunity to learn the basics of robotics thanks to a generous donation from the Regine Sixt Kinderhilfe Stiftung TRÄNCHEN TROCKNEN. The donation was used to equip the schools with modern PCs, tablets and Thymio robots. Teachers received the necessary knowledge in a training course and educators, as well as volunteers, also participate in the new digital teaching concept.

The special training and workshops for children help to combat the situations of educational poverty and the risks of worsening social exclusion and ensure greater equity. Teachers of schools can now improve the participation and leadership of children, through the pedagogical innovation, especially in relation to STEM disciplines, as well as pay more attention to the emotional state of children and maintain educational and social proximity.

With the Thymio robots and the open source software, children learn to cultivate multiple intelligences and logical-mathematical skills with innovative methods and develop creative abilities through play. Thymio allows you to discover the basics of robotics and digital programming, but also to recognize different emotions thanks to the color variation of the little robot. Through the devices it is possible to develop active, collaborative learning that focuses on the development of skills and maintains the necessary physical distance.


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