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Renovation of the nursery home RiseUp

For the second time, the Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation and JAM support the complete renovation of a nursery school in Orange Farm near Johannesburg. In the middle of the township of Orange Farm, a team of volunteers rebuilt the Mahou Day Care Center for 40 children. Before the renovation, the nursery school Rise Up was located in two containers, and a cottage made of wooden boards. Since there were no toilets, the children used plastic buckets as a potty. There was no climbing scaffold or other playground equipment on the grounds of the daycare center to promote children's motor skills. Furthermore there were only a few mats for the midday nap and a few plastic chairs and tables for the children.

With the support of 'Drying Little Tears' and JAM, the nursery home received a new, insulated prefabricated house on a concrete foundation with four rooms, a kitchen and toilets. The place was also equipped with a new, stable fence. After a local construction company erected the building and the fence, it was colorfully painted, a playground with climbing scaffold was built and a vegetable garden and trees planted. The rooms were furnished with mattresses, blankets, tables, chairs and educational play and learning materials.


Logo Welfare
COUNTRY Südafrika
CITY Johannesburg


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