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Renovation and furnishing of parents' rooms in the Ortenau Children's Hospital

Together with Mauritia Mack, wife of Europa-Park owner Jürgen Mack, and the glass and jewelry manufacturer Leonardo, the Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation supports the Offenburg Association for the Promotion of Clinical Pediatrics.

The aims of the association include the promotion of scientific projects in the field of pediatrics and adolescent medicine, the training and education of scientific, medical and non-medical staff, in particular at the pediatric clinic at Offenburg Hospital, and the procurement of furnishings and equipment for the pediatric clinic.  

Thanks to the support of the Regine Sixt Children’s Aid Foundation DRYING LITTLE TEARS , parents' rooms in the Ortenau Children's Hospital have been renovated and refurnished. Thanks to the new beds, bedside tables, seating and other furniture, parents who find themselves in an exceptional situation can now feel much more comfortable. In addition, a children's outpatient center was established to provide a central point of contact for examinations of newborns and children.


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COUNTRY Deutschland
CITY Ortenau


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