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New inclusive playground

As a non-profit foundation, Mater in Palma on Mallorca has not only helped children with disabilities since 1964, but also looks after people with disabilities from early care through special education schools to dual training. At the same time, other services such as advice centers, a special employment center, company workshops, a dormitory, and leisure and voluntary services are also available to people with disabilities and their relatives.

An inclusive playground was opened in the inner courtyard of the building for the newly created special school classes in autumn 2023. Taking inclusion into account, the playground for children with and without walking disabilities is built in such a way that everyone can use it to its full extent. Instead of water features coming out of the ground, the new playground features a large octopus with cooling water coming out of its arms. This means that children in wheelchairs can also take part in water course games. New swings were also installed, which can also be used by children in wheelchairs. Part of the new playground and the new trampoline were covered with awnings so that children can play outside in a protected area even in summer. In the future, children will be able to strengthen their sense of community and develop their motor skills by playing together.


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