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Expansion of basement rooms into classrooms in Ukraine

The Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation, in collaboration with the Pullach im Isartal e.V. partnership association, has taken a significant step to improve educational opportunities in Ukraine. For this purpose, basement rooms in the communities of Voloshinivka and Baryshivka were successfully converted into classrooms in order to give children access to face-to-face lessons despite the tense situation, even while air alarms sounded. This can only take place if shelters are available and are appropriately equipped as classrooms to continue teaching.

These construction projects included not only basic renovations, but also extensive electrical wiring upgrades to ensure a secure power supply. This enabled the installation of lighting, ventilation and heating systems, and plumbing. These infrastructure improvements not only help make the learning environment safer and more comfortable, but also improve the quality of life for children. In addition, dedicated areas have been created for games and activities aimed at promoting children's psychosocial development. Given the ongoing challenges and stresses posed by the conflict, it is crucial to provide Ukraine's young people not only with education but also with opportunities to strengthen their emotional and social skills and gain positive experiences.


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CITY Woloschyniwka und Baryschiwka


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