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Construction of a petting zoo for therapeutic measures

Tierische Hilfe. The Irmengard-Hof of the Björn Schulz Foundation is located in Mitterndorf near Gstadt am Chiemsee. It offers a place of retreat and relaxation for families and relatives of children, adolescents and young adults with cancer as well as chronically and terminally ill and disabled children. For this purpose, the idyllic historic three-sided farm on the western bank of Lake Chiemsee was extensively restored and renovated step by step. In addition to grief groups and play areas for children who have survived a serious illness, the rooms also offer space for lectures and seminars on the topic of sick children.

The proximity and care of animals has an important therapeutic component for the children. The Regines Sixt Children's Aid Foundation has therefore agreed to cover the costs of an animal enclosure. In the large garden there is not only space for a fireplace and a playground, but also for donkeys, rabbits and guinea pigs. 


Logo Welfare
COUNTRY Deutschland
CITY Mitterndorf, Gstadt am Chiemsee


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