Children's masks donation with fashion label Van Laack

Together with the fashion label van Laack, the Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation has donated a total of 3,000 children's masks for protection in the Corona pandemic.

In Italy, they have reached 1,000 children in the three institutions "Cooperativa Sociale Tempo per l'infanzia", "Fattoria didattica pet therapy 'fattoria parco Trotter'" and "Centro di aggregrazione 'Barrio'" in Milan. In Spain, 1,000 of the masks were distributed to the three schools CEIP Es Pont, CEIP Gabriel Vallseca and CEIP Joan Capó in Mallorca.

We are happy to have carried out this joint aid programme together with such a strong partner by our side.


COUNTRYSIXT Corporate Countries
PERIODApril 2021

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