More home visits in times of Corona: a SIXT car for the Pfennigparade Foundation

Especially in times of the Corona pandemic, ventilated patients are dependent on medical home visits. Since they belong to the high-risk group, leaving their homes means an increased risk of infection.

The Pfennigparade team of doctors specialises in the care of ventilated people. The rental car now provided by Regine Sixt Children’s Aid Foundation will enable them to make more home visits and ensure the best possible care for their patients, even during the current very special times.

"The generous support from SIXT to provide the Pfennigparade with a rental car has therefore come at exactly the right time," Dr. Gregor Scheible is pleased to say, "so we can make more home visits and ensure the best possible care for our ventilated patients even in times of Corona."


PERIODJuly 2020

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