Leasing vehicle for Heart Centre

The right vehicles for outpatient care: The Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation "Drying Little Tears" provides the German Heart Centre in Munich (DHM) with a SIXT leasing vehicle for the aftercare of children with heart disease.

The Hyundai i10, a donation from SIXT Leasing SE, has now been officially handed over during a ceremony. Among the participants were Michael Ruhl, Chairman of the Board of Directors of SIXT Leasing SE, Prof. Dr. Peter Ewert, Director of the Clinic for Congenital Heart Defects / Pediatric Cardiology and Deputy Medical Director of the DHM, and Christiane Woerle, Senior Lead Manager CSR at SIXT SE.

In the future the vehicle will be available for the aftercare nurses of the DHM. This will enable them to look after children who have been treated in the facility as in-patients and who have returned to their families. In addition, the vehicle will be used for the new ‘Univentricular Heart Center’ project. There, children with a congenital heart defect are cared for on an outpatient basis from prenatal to early adulthood.

The Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation ‘Drying Little Tears’ has been supporting the German Heart Center for several years. For example, the organization donated medical equipment and other equipment and gave the children presents as part of the Foundation's annual Christmas visits to numerous clinics.

Regine Sixt, founder and chairman of the board of the Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation "Drying Little Tears":

"I am very pleased that we can support the excellent work of the German Heart Institute. It is very important for sick children to be able to stay with their families and not have to spend their aftercare in a foreign environment. A prerequisite for this is that outpatient care is guaranteed. In this way, we contribute to making everyday life a little easier for the children and their families and bringing a smile to their faces."



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