SIXT gets to work and packs 250 book boxes

A team of SIXT employees helped pack boxes of new books to give to organizations that help disadvantaged children as part of a DRYING LITTLE TEARS Day. They packed 250 boxes containing 8,000 books in less than 3 hours! In doing so, they supported the great Kinderzwerfboek (Children's Stray Book) project by Kinderhulp in the Netherlands.

This project enables all children to have the opportunity to read and immerse themselves in the wonderful world of stories at many locations throughout the country. Children's books with a sticker can be found everywhere, which the children can take home to read for free. Afterwards, they have to let the books wander again. Kinderzwerfboek wants as many books as possible to wander around. We think it's a great idea and are delighted that our TeamOrange is actively supporting this social project!


COUNTRY Niederlande
CITY Deventer
PERIOD 2023e


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