"Regines Kinderwiesn" brought to children in Munich, Berlin and Frankfurt

At this time of the year Regine Sixt usually hosts a very special event for children: Regines Kinderwiesn. This unique Oktoberfest - or Wiesn, as we call it in Bavaria – is tailored to children with special needs. Disadvantaged and seriously ill children can enjoy a carefree and happy time out at the Oktoberfest, cared for by their parents, caregivers and of course Regine Sixt and her DRYING LITTLE TEARS helpers.

However due to the current Covid-19 situation and the cancellation of the Oktoberfest altogether, also this so popular and well-attended Kinderwiesn had to be cancelled. Nevertheless, we still wanted to make the children happy and therefore brought the Oktoberfest to them. Equipped with backpacks full of presents as well as Wiesn-songbooks or gingerbread hearts, Wiesn-balloons and even a barrel organ player, Regine Sixt and the DRYING LITTLE TEARS TEAM visited ten Munich hospitals, children's homes and orphanages on Monday and Tuesday this week: The Harlaching Hospital, the Schwabing Children's Hospital, the AtemReich Children's Home, the Munich Orphanage, the Children’s Shelter Zauberwald, the Dr. von Haunerschen Children’s Hospital, the Ronald McDonald House Großhadern and the Ronald McDonald House at the Heart Centre, as well as the Heart Centre itself and the Großhadern Clinic.

Other SIXT employees also provided a wonderful Oktoberfest time for children of institutions at other locations such as the Charité and two further institutions in Berlin, as well as the University Hospital in Frankfurt.

The children were delighted with the welcome distraction, laughed happily as they unwrapped presents and had shining eyes whilst cheerfully singing songs together. The Corona rules were of course observed by all the helpers, so that the partly sick children could take part in the hustle and bustle without any worries.

To also cancel the traditional Kinderwiesn this year due to the cancellation of the Oktoberfest was out of the question for us. If the children couldn't come to the Theresienwiese, at least we brought joy and beaming faces to their facilities. After all the hardships of the past months for the children due to the pandemic, it is a matter of the heart for us and our numerous helpers to provide variety and distraction. - Regine Sixt


COUNTRY Deutschland
CITY München, Berlin, Frankfurt


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