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Renovation of a children's home as part of the flood emergency aid

Renovation for the future. The flood disaster was over, but not its effects. Thousands of people were damaged by the heavy rain and the subsequent flood in June 2013 in Leipzig, Germany. Countless public facilities for children such as day-care centres, schools and leisure centres were initially unusable and had to be renovated.

Together with arche noVa e.V., the Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation financed the renovation of the children's home Völkerfreundschaft on the outskirts of Markkleeberg near Leipzig. The curative and social educational institution in Saxony offers a home to 16 children and young people from different family backgrounds. Thanks to the versatile therapy possibilities, the children there receive intensive support in shaping an independent life.


Logo Emergency Aid
COUNTRY Deutschland
CITY Markkleeberg


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