Support for the Sternthalerhof: A contribution from SIXT Austria

As part of their social day, the DRYING LITTLE TEARS Day, a dedicated team of seven SIXT employees from Austria supported the Sternthalerhof. The Sternthalerhof is a facility that has made it its mission to offer families with seriously ill children a place of security, confidence and joy in life. 

The SIXT team helped to prepare for a new kitchen and a new common room. They dismantled and stored the old kitchen and cupboards, removed the floor and prepared the room and an adjoining room for renovation. They also mowed the lawn and swept the yard. 

This campaign is a further step in our ongoing support for the Sternthalerhof. In the past, we have already held DRYING LITTLE TEARS Days at the Sternthalerhof and also implemented projects such as the construction of a wheelchair carousel and are pleased to be able to help on site again this time. 

A big thank you to the hard-working SIXT team from Austria! 


COUNTRY Österreich
CITY Loipersdorf-Kitzladen


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