If we want to achieve true peace in the world, we have to start with the children of this world.Mahatma Ghandi

“It should be a joy to be a child anywhere in the world”. This is the guiding principle of Regine Sixt, CEO of the Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation.

She acts in the Children's Aid Foundation out of the deepest conviction, as has always been the best tradition at Sixt: fast, serious, supportive, selfless and meaningful. Her example is completely inspiring. And her enthusiasm for the worthy cause is contagious.

Regine Sixt is convinced: “There is already a lot of good, if you look closely enough. But the main thing is that you do it. Without letting up, step by step, every day. Here at the Children's Aid Foundation we are already making headway by means of good examples and very specific actions. We invite you to join us and make your contribution to the world!”

As founder of the foundation, she herself dedicates a large part of her free time to the good cause in addition to her numerous engagements in other social institutions and her main commitment as Senior Executive Vice President International Marketing & Relationship Marketing at Sixt SE, where she is responsible, for example, for the design development of the Sixt uniforms and the group’s corporate design. As a multi-award winning “Business Woman of the Year”, she also works in many international organisations and associations. Among other things, she is Honorary Consul General of Barbados in Germany, Senator of the German Association for Small and Medium-sized Businesses (BVMW) and Senator of the European Economic Senate.

Regine Sixt

Among other things:

Seven Stars International Charity Award
Griechenland, 2019

EAGLE Award für Menschlichkeit und soziales Engagemen
Bad Griesbach, 2019

Consolation Prize
Business Women’s Society, München 2018

Hall of Fame
Manager Magazin, 2018

Jubiläumsstern des Jahres
Abendzeitung München, 2018

Woman Entrepreneur of the Year
FCEM, Rom 2017

Silver Crown of Merit (SCM), Order of Barbados
Barbados, 2017

Bayerische Verfassungsmedaille
2017 Grand Prix de la Rallye VdeV

Silver Award
British Travel Awards, 2016

Verdienstkreuz Pro Merito Meltensi mit Krone des Souveränen Malteserordens
Malta, 2016

Ehrenurkunde Peres Center for Peace
Jaffa, Israel

APG „Woman of the year“ of APG The Network for Airline Services
Monte Carlo, 2016

Prix „The Best“ von Massimo Gargia
Paris, 2015

Media Persönlichkeit des Jahres
Deutscher Mediapreis 2015

Awarded by the Friends’ Association of the Sophie-Scholl-Schule Wetterau, 2015

Theodor-Lessing Prize of the German-Israeli Society
Leipzig 2015
EY – Entrepreneur of the Year
Presented by Ernst & Young, Berlin, 2015

Woman of the Year
WIZO, Tel Aviv 2015

Victress Lifetime Achievement Award of the Victress Initiative e.V.
Berlin 2015

2015 Business & Charity Award at the 4th International Economic Forum
Presented by Frederik Willem de Klerk, Nobel prize winner, Baden-Baden 2014

Citizen of the world
Hadassah International und Hadassah Medical Organisation 2014

Scopus Award
Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel 2014

Family Business Handelsblatt Hall of Fame

Duke of Edinburgh‘s Award

Münchener Marketingpreis
Marketing Club München, 2014

Diplome d’Honneur
Les Clefs d’Or, Paris 2014

Medal for Special Services to Bavaria in a united Europe
Freistaat Bayern, 2014

“Golden Victoria” for integration
Deutschland Stiftung Integration, 2013

Woman Entrepreneur of the World Award
Marrakesch 2013

Charity Award
Mille Miglia, Brescia 2013
Business Traveller Charity Award
Frankfurt 2013

Service champion as an office service provider
Wiesbaden 2013

World’s Leading Innovative Marketing
World Travel Awards, München 2012

Das Goldene Stadttor (Tourism Multimedia Award)
2018 Imagefilm 1. Preis

2017 Markenfilm 1. Preis

2016 Imagefilm 1. Preis

2015 Imagetrailer 1. Preis

2011 – 2014 weitere Preise

Travel Hall of Fame
Travel Industry Club, 2011

Le grand prix de la carte de Paris contre le cancer
l’association pour la vie espoir contre le cancer (AVEC), 2011

Bavarian Order of Merit
Awarded by the Bavarian Prime Minister, 2011

Woman of the Year
World Travel Award 2010/2011

Bavarian State Medal for Social Merit
Awarded by the Bavarian State Ministry of Labour, Social and Family Affairs and Women, 2010

Citizen of the World
Hadassah International, 2009