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Support for children who have suffered a stroke

Support for children who have suffered a stroke

When we think of the clinical image of a stroke, we typically think that it affects the elderly. However, children can also suffer strokes, even while still in the womb. The German Stroke Foundation is committed to helping these young patients and their families. Since 2011, the foundation has supported affected families in many ways and improved the care of the children.

A childhood stroke is a rare occurrence that is particularly drastic and stressful for the children affected and their families. When children suffer a stroke, they and their parents often need years of close support and advice to help them find their way in life and be able to look forward to the future with confidence. The treatment focuses on the child and his or her new developmental characteristics in everyday life.

The Pediatric Stroke Unit at Dr. von Haunerschen Children’s Hospital is the first of its kind in Germany. Their concept includes all essential specialties such as pediatric neurology and pediatrics. They focus on cognition, psyche, family, and social law, as well as comprehensive consultation at key developmental times in the affected child’s life. Parents receive advice on the appropriate time and context for their child to start school and what they should look out for when the time comes for their child to choose a career.

Together with the German Stroke Foundation, the Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation has been supporting the project “Pediatric Stroke” at Dr. von Haunerschen Hospital in Munich for several years. With renewed funding in 2019, both acute and long-term care for young patients can be ensured.


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