Every sick child has a right on access to medical help and medical attention. We finance the construction of hospitals and provide medical devices, our employees visit ill children. Regine Sixt
Purchase of a portable stair lift
Country: Israel
Town: Ramat Hasharon
Furnishing of a multifunctional room at the Kassel Hospital
Country: Germany
Town: Kassel
New therapy bed for the Atemreich children's home
Country: Germany
Town: Munich
Modern equipment for hospital in Ukraine
Country: Ukraine
Town: Baryschiwka
Medical care in Kenya
Country: Kenya
Town: Nariokotome
Support for children who have suffered a stroke
Country: Germany
Town: Munich
Supported communication for children
Country: Germany
Town: Munich
Roof garden for the Sir Anthony Mamo Oncology Centre
Country: Malta
Town: Msida
New place of remembrance for children's hospice
Country: Belfast
Town: 2019
Therapy center for children
Country: Italy
Town: Modena
Warming beds for children in the recovery room of a clinic
Country: USA
Town: Tampa, Florida
Renovation and furnishing of a living room
Country: The Netherlands
Town: Amsterdam
Construction of a relaxation room
Country: Germany
Town: Leezen
Child-friendly design for a children's hospital
Country: Israel
Town: Bethlehem
Train set for the children hospital in Schwabing
Country: Germany
Town: Munich
Giving voice to the speechless
Country: Israel
Town: Ramat HaScharon
Establishment of a Stroke Center (CTB) at the Dr. v. Hauner Children's Clinic
Country: Germany
Town: Munich
The new performance space in the Children's Hospital
Country: England
Town: Liverpool
Eliya Project: Support for a childcare centre
Country: Israel
Town: Jerusalem
Equipping the maternity ward of the Malteser International Hospital Umuzike
Country: Nigeria
Town: Umuzike
Education and Activity Room at the SCMCI Surgical Department
Country: Israel
Town: Petach Tikwa
TV screens for the German Heart Center
Country: Germany
Town: Munich
In the 'AtemReich' children's home,
Country: Germany
Town: Munich
Support for a children's special education center
Country: Mongolia
Town: Ulaanbaatar
New respirator for the mother-child clinic
Country: Czech Republic
Town: Prague
Country: Germany
Town: Germany
Building accommodation for parents
Country: El Salvador
Town: Santa Ana
A Mini for Out-Patient Care of seriously ill children
Country: Germany
Town: Frankfurt
Children's Home in Mandeni
Country: South Africa
Town: Mandeni
Special School in Beit Jala, Westbank
Country: Israel
Town: Nearby Jala, Bethlehem
Children's Hospital in Hadassah, Jerusalem
Country: Israel
Town: Jerusalem
Expansion of the Kindergarten Little Lambs
Country: South Africa
Town: Cape Town