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Management Board

Our heart also beats for others

The success of any organisation largely depends on the efficiency and commitment of the management board. In addition to the founder and name giver Regine Sixt, who acts as Chief Executive, this also includes her sons Alexander and Konstantin Sixt.

With their many years of expertise, they give the Children's Aid Foundation additional drive. Dr. Julian Freiherr zu Putlitz guarantees the foundation’s perfect financial management. The management board guarantees that the funds raised will arrive safely on site and will be used exclusively for specific purposes, and that 100% of every donation will arrive at the projects and without any deductions.

Together, this committee ensures that the ambitious goals are consistently achieved.

Regine Sixt

Founder and Chief Executive

Alexander Sixt

Management Board

Konstantin Sixt

Management Board

Dr. Julian Freiherr zu Putlitz

Management Board

Dr. Andrew Mountstephens

Management Board

Our motto is our mission: To dry little tears with drive and transparency. We have already achieved a lot, with committed project partners, courageous supporters and many volunteers, especially from the globally operating SIXT family. So far, we have successfully completed over 210 projects in more than 55 countries. So it is only right that our initiative has also been the SIXT Group’s official CSR programme since 2011. Wherever we can do good, whether in orphanages, children's hospices, kindergartens, schools and children's hospitals: We know that we can make a difference there with your help. And the great thing about it: We find that when we take care of others our own lives gain a deeper meaning.

At the SIXT's Corporate Social Responsibility program, we demonstrate a sense of responsibility beyond company boundaries. On one hand, we want the Executive Board to promote the performance of our employees and give them the freedom to develop personally. On the other hand, we as a company - like our employees - want to show public responsibility for social issues. In addition to their daily work, SIXT also deliberately offers its employees space for commitment. If an employee has a vision that fits our mission statement and values, then we give them the freedom to make this vision a reality. This way we create a situation that offers advantages for everyone: The employees help shape SIXT and feel confirmed. At the same time, it strengthens the bond with the company - and helps children around the world who urgently need our help.

As the Sixt Managing Board and also as board members of the Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation, our aim is to do all we can to help as many children as possible around the world.
With the “Drying Little Tears” programme and with the voluntary help of our employees - which includes the “Drying Little Tears Day” activities initiated and managed by employees themselves - we have succeeded, over the years, in successfully implementing the first 210 projects and initiatives of the Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation. As managing board members we seek to contribute with our energy and knowledge so that children can be helped successfully in the next 210 projects. The aim is for there soon to be an aid project in every SIXT country around the world.

As board members of the Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation, we seek to play an active role in contributing to ensuring success over the long-term. It is important not to focus solely on large scale initiatives, but also on a small scale to respond rapidly and help disadvantaged and severely sick children. We ensure that all aid arrives directly with the project managers and is there to help those they are protecting. Our experience helps us in this, as does our network around the globe, which has developed over the decades.

Advisory council

We shouldn’t just wish for a better world, it’s also important to build it

— Regine Sixt

The Advisory Council is available to provide both long-term strategic direction and valuable incentives and contacts which are necessary for the continued international growth of the Children's Aid Foundation. The first-class professional background of the Advisory Council enables the foundation to act in an absolutely competent and knowledgeable manner in all areas.

As the Advisory Council, we support the Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation, making every effort on behalf of the children in this world in need of help. We provide our help directly and at a very personal level in order to successfully kick-start projects.

— Prof. Dr. Marcus Englert

Prof. Dr. Marcus Englert is Chairman of the Advisory Council and Honorary Professor at the Macromedia University of Applied Sciences and General Partner of Texas Atlantic GmbH.

The Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation is committed in its projects to alleviating emotional and physical hardship suffered by children around the world. As an advisory council member I am pleased to be able to contribute to improving the circumstances in which these children are living and in so doing to dry as many "little tears" as possible.

— Dr. Brigitte Mohn

Dr. Brigitte Mohn member of the Advisory Council and a shareholder of the Bertelsmann Verwaltungsgesellschaft and a member of the Group supervisory board.

We are passionate in helping the Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation to campaign for the weak and overlooked in our world and to support them. In so doing, we take advantage of our global networks, because then our help makes a difference right where it's needed on the ground.

— Dr. Daniel Terberger

Dr. Daniel Terberger is member of the Advisory Council and CEO of Katag AG.

As a doctor, I find myself repeatedly needing to summon up the courage to both provide medical support and to connect at a personal level with children who have been hurt, and to be an example of hope for them. Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation is a fine example of this worldwide.

— Prof. Dr. Peter Biberthaler

Dr. Peter Biberthaler is member of the Advisory Council and heads the Traumatology Department at the Rechts der Isar Hospital in Munich

Board of trustees

The Honorary Committee of the Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation is comprised of companions and multipliers who, with the help of their network and initiative, support the diverse Children's Aid projects. The international, top-class board of trustees is committed to the interests of the Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation and the “Drying Little Tears” initiative abroad.

Board of trustees of the Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation

  • Prof. Dr. Martin Balle
  • Prof. Dr. Stefan Burdach
  • Dr. Hermann Bühlbecker
  • Ron Jakubowicz
  • Friedrich Peter Joussen
  • Prof. Dr. Gabriele Kokott-Weidenfeld
  • Generalkonsul Prof. Dr. Alexander Liegl
  • Mauritia Mack
  • Börries von Notz
  • Dr. Stefan Piëch
  • Dr. Franz Graf von Salm-Reifferscheidt
  • Douglas Graf von Saurma-Jeltsch
  • Michael Schade
  • S.D. Alexander Fürst zu Schaumburg-Lippe
  • Andrea Sixt
  • Noni Sixt
  • Dr. Sigrid Streletzki
  • Gabriela Fürstin zu Sayn-Wittgenstein
  • Ralph Teckentrup

SIXT International Committee of the Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation

  • Dr. Sir Trevor Carmichael
  • Prof. Dr. David Khayat
  • Michel Bouquier
  • S.D. Hugo Fürst zu Windisch-Graetz

SIXT - Leaders Committee of the Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation

  • Christoph Beisheim, SIXT Switzerland & Austria, Managing Director
  • Estanislao De Mata Perez, SIXT Spain, Managing Director
  • Jean Philipe Doyen, SIXT France, Managing Director
  • Angelo Ghigliano, SIXT Italy, Vice President Sales and Marketing
  • Tom Kennedy, SIXT USA, President and CFO
  • Detlev Krehahn, Senior Director International Franchise
  • Massimiliano Maini, SIXT Italy, Vice President People Management, Legal and Finance
  • Michael Meissner, SIXT USA, President and Chief Operating Officer
  • Frantisek Paces, SIXT Czech Republic, General Manager
  • Rüdiger Proske, Senior Director International Franchise
  • Karen van den Boom, SIXT Benelux, Managing Director
  • Tim Vetters, SIXT UK, Managing Director