Better treatment options in Conakry
Country: Guinea
Town: Conakry
New house for families of the young patients in Abidjan
Country: Ivory Coast
Town: Abidjan
Multipurpose room for clinic in Porto Novo
Country: Benin
Town: Porto Novo
Family accommodation for hospital in Tunis
Country: Tunisia
Town: Tunis
New day-care hospital in Ouagadougou
Country: Burkina Faso
Town: Ouagadougou
More space for hospital in Antananarivo
Country: Madagascar
Town: Antananarivo
New premises for pediatric oncology in Dakar
Land: Senegal
Town: Dakar
More room for families at the Centre Hospitalier National
Country: Mauritania
Town: Nouakchott
New rooms for Togo's only paediatric oncology
Country: Togo
Town: Lomé
New equipment for children's cancer ward in Kinshasa
Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo
Town: Kinshasa