Every child has the right to go to school and have access to education. We finance the counstruction of classrooms, support educational programs and improve infrastructures.Regine Sixt
Sulamot: Music for social change
Country: Israel
Town: seit 2019
Modernes, inklusives Schulkonzept 
Country: Germany
Town: Rostock
Musikunterricht für Kinder in Italien
Land: Italien
Town: Montepulciano
Chancen durch Bildung für Slumkinder
Country: Kenia
Town: Nairobi
Neue Spielgeräte für die KiTa Tempelacker
Country: Schweiz
Town: St. Gallen
Neue Schulausstattung für Family House
Country: Nepal
Town: Lalitpur
Conversion of a primary school
Country: Vietnam
Town: Vinh Long Provinz
Renovation and equipment of a school
Country: Libanon
Town: Beirut
Construction of a day nursery
Country: Barbados
Town: Speightstown
Construction of a school in Mkenda
Country: Tansania
Town: Mkenda
Music lesson for three classes in Italy
Land: Italien
Town: Montepulciano
Acquisition of woodwind instruments
Land: Italien
Town: Montepulciano
Neue Musikinstrumente für das Waisenhauses
Land: Italien
Town: Montepulciano
Construction and installation of three mobile libraries
Country: Vietnam
Town: Mekong River Delta
Acquisition of materials for children with autism
Country: Germany
Town: Mainz
Pilgrimage to Rome for handicapped children
Land: Italien
Town: Rome
Schools for syrian refugee children in Jordan
Country: Jordanien
Town: Azraq
Construction of a children's care center
Country: South Africa
Town: Pretoria
A new piano for the music school
Land: Italien
Town: Montepulciano
New way for education and integration
Country: Israel
Town: Beit Jala
Education for refugee children
Country: Libanon
Town: Bekaa-Ebene
Integration and Inclusion of Romani and Sinti children
Country: Hungary
Town: Pécs
Living and Learning together at the Michaelschule
Country: Germany
Town: Rostock
Integration and Inclusion of Romani and Sinti children
Country: Slowakei
Town: Nitra
Expansion of a preschool for children from broken families
Country: Mexico
Town: Mexico City
The Tarnabod Project
Country: Hungary
Town: Tarnabod
Establishing a natural sciences room at a girls' school in Jerusalem
Country: Israel
Town: Jersusalem
Equipment for children's center fairplay
Country: England
Town: Chesterfield
Equipping a care center for school children
Country: Polen
Town: Posen
Construction of a school in Ukunda
Country: Kenia
Town: Ukunda
Two classrooms for a primary school
Land: Senegal
Town: Nianiar
Streetchildren's center
Country: Namibia
Town: Rundu
Educational sponsorships
Country: Germany
Town: East-Germany
Two more classrooms for King's Academy
Country: Kenia
Town: Oloitokitok
Kita playground at the family center Manna
Country: Germany
Town: Berlin
A school for a Slum in Dhaka
Country: Bangladesh
Town: Dhaka
Renovation of a special Kindergarten
Country: Rumänien
Town: Cluj
Extension and renovation of a special kindergarten
Country: Weißrussland
Town: Region Voronova
Installation of a wirless network at the Hashmonaim School
Country: Israel
Town: Jaffa
Transport of school furniture
Country: Kongo
Town: Tshikapa
Construction of a Kindergarten in Luc Sy Thanh
Country: Vietnam
Town: Provinz Vinh Long
Montessori Kindergarten
Country: Tansania
Town: Mtwara
Reconstruction of the school "La Garenne"
Country: Haiti
Town: Delmas