Regine Sixt receives EAGLE Award

Regine Sixt receives EAGLE Award for humanity and social commitment

Regine Sixt received a very special honour - during this year's EAGLES President Gold Cup, EAGLES President Frank Fleschenberg presented Regine Sixt with the award for humanity and social commitment.

Ms. Sixt was honored under standing ovations from the audience for her tireless social commitment for children from all over the world within the framework of her children's aid foundation "Drying Little Tears".

Regine Sixt: "This special award fills me with great joy. I have worked all my life to do my part in making the world a better place, especially for children. Much has been done - but much more still needs to be done. This award will be an incentive for me to continue to fight for the improvement of the living conditions of children and young people worldwide. Because this is truly a challenge that is worth every effort!